Iowa Federal Court to Host Teflon Lawsuit Battle

Numerous class action lawsuits filed against DuPont have been consolidated in the Federal District Court for the Southern District of Iowa for pretrial proceedings. Approximately one-third of the nation’s population may be affected. The suits allege that DuPont knew for more than 20 years that Teflon and its component chemicals had the potential to make people sick – and hid that fact from consumers. DuPont contends the material is safe.

The class of potential plaintiffs could well include almost every American that has purchased a pot or pan coated with DuPont’s non-stick coating. The lawsuits include six Des Moines residents who are represented by Des Moines lawyer Kimberly Baer of Wandro & Associates.

The lawsuits call on DuPont to:

-Pay damages to every member of the class to compensate them for purchasing replacement cookware.

-Create a fund for ongoing medical monitoring of consumers who purchased cooking products made with Teflon.

-Create a fund for independent scientific researchers to further investigate the potential for adverse health effects to consumers who used cooking products containing Teflon.

-Require that DuPont provide a warning label on cooking products regarding the potential adverse and harmful effects of Teflon.

This is sure to be one of the biggest legal battles of the next several years – and we get a front row seat.