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Iowa Caucus Countdown: The Republicans

The Iowa Caucus is this Thursday, January 3rd.  The national media has descended upon us and at least one of my restaurant clients I talked with recently is extremely thankful.  Yesterday, I featured the Democratic candidates and today it’s the Republican candidates.  Again, my intent is not to endorse any particular candidate but rather provide a little bit … Continue Reading

I List Expanded

Mike Sansone and Drew McLellan have developed the I List – a list that showcases the power of blogs in Iowa.  While Mike did a great job of compiling the list, some notable Iowa law blogs are missing from the list including Jennifer Jaskolka-Brown’s family law blog, George Davision’s Law Blog, Bill Grell of Huber … Continue Reading

Iowa Caucus Issue: What about Small Business?

The Iowa Caucus is approaching quickly.  If you attend campaign rallies for the candidates or listen to TV ads you will almost never hear anything about small business.  But in reality, America’s small businesses are the driver of our economy.  Consider these facts from the Small Business Administration (SBA) as outlined in February 2006: 10. Small … Continue Reading

Iowa Caucus Not for the Night Shift?

A Des Moines Register article discusses how many bosses are unwilling to allow night shift workers to caucus.  Understandably this makes politically active employees a little upset.  The article quotes a Medicom employee who said, "It made me so furious. I raised such a fit I’m surprised they didn’t send me home." It’s true that … Continue Reading

Legal Checklist for Starting a Business in Iowa

With 2008 fast approaching perhaps you are considering the pursuit of the American Dream to own your own business.  But where do you start?  Here are some helpful legal tips to consider before you start your Iowa business: 1. Find out the availability of your proposed business name. You can do a quick search on … Continue Reading

Humor in the Workplace is a Gamble

An Iowa man who worked with Catfish Bend Casinos in Burlington was fired for posting a Dilbert cartoon on the office bulletin board.  Apparently the boss didn’t appreciate the comparison to a drunken lemur. Dilbert creater, Scott Adams, offers this advice: If you intend to mock your boss with Dilbert comics, the trick is in knowing … Continue Reading

Edwards Campaigns with Most Famous Client Before Iowa Caucus

Abe Lincoln, Freedom Fighter (1978) Abe: I don’t know about this politician business. Judge: What do you mean by that? Abe: If I have to sacrifice my integrity for politics, I guess I’ll just have to stay a lawyer!  Up to this point I have avoided blogging on politics and the Iowa caucus.  It’s a … Continue Reading

Central Iowa Blogga Nostra Grows in Popularity

There is a nice article in the Business Record by Amanda Ripp this week about the Central Iowa Blogga Nostra gaining momentum and growing in popularity.  I am continually impressed with the quality of individuals and business people who are blogging in Central Iowa.  The article features several quotes from members of the Blogga Nostra extolling … Continue Reading

Knicks’ Sexual Harassment Case Provides Good Lessons

The New York Knicks sexual harassment case provides some great lessons on employment law.  Previously I touched on the Knicks case in explaining how companies could avoid sexual harassment claims.  Now the case has been settled and there are additional lessons to learn. Frank Steinberg of the New Jersey Employment Law Blog explains the importance … Continue Reading

Baseball’s Day of Infamy

The Mitchell Report was released on December 13, 2007.  For baseball, it’s just another black mark on an era now known as the "Steriod Era".  But what was accomplished by the report?  Did we really need the report to determine steriod use was (and apparently still is) widespread in major league baseball?  The report outed many of the big … Continue Reading

Iowa Franchisors Picking Up Steam?

Iowa has never been the hot bed for franchisors but it seems as though some Iowa franchisors are really picking up steam.  According to the Des Moines Register this morning Chocolaterie Stam stores have expanded to Ames, Chapel Hill N.C., and Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.  Upcoming stores including Minneapolis and Steamboat Springs (that would be my personal … Continue Reading

Rooftop Foundation Spreads Cheer This Weekend

The Rooftop Foundation is holding its annual shopping tour for the kids at the Moulton Elementary School this Saturday.  The Rooftop Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created by Ken and Esta Deever of Deever Roofing.  Every year the Deevers (and 60 volunteers) load up two bus loads of children and arrange to take the children shopping … Continue Reading

Guest Blogger: Mike Colwell of BIZ on Business Mentoring – Lessons Learned!

Looking back on the first year of work at the Business Innovation Zone (BIZ), I have met with over 60 potential clients ranging across a wide variety of business areas.  I have learned much on this path. First and foremost, I have learned to never prejudge an idea. I must say that some of the … Continue Reading

LLCs Are Not Always Better Than S Corps

I have seen many articles on the Internet which state that you absolutely need to form a limited liability company (LLC) if you are a small business owner.  The S corporation, once the darling of small business entities, must now feel like the red-headed step child. But as New York attorney Derek Underwood points out … Continue Reading

Claims Deadline in Microsoft-Iowa Case Fast Approaching

The deadline for filing claims in the Microsoft Iowa Class Action Settlement is December 14, 2007.  If you have any questions about how to file a claim be sure to email the claims administrator at For a recap of articles on the Microsoft Iowa case click here which includes one of my most popular blog posts … Continue Reading

Ain’t No Man Alive Worth $50.00 Per Hour

In the last blog post I picked on college football coaches and their exorborant salaries.  But its probably not fair to pick on college coaches alone. The Philadelphia Litigation Blog discusses how lawyers at large Manhattan firms are now charging $1,000 per hour or more.  Superstar litigator, David Boies, sums it up pretty well: Frankly, … Continue Reading

Pigs Get Fat but Hogs Get Slaughtered

One couldn’t help but notice the carnage at the end of college football’s regular season.  Coaches everywhere were fired or forced out.  Some of those coaches even had winning records.  Even the coach at my Division III alma mater didn’t survive the past few seasons of mediocrity.   Are college football fans just nuts or have these coaches created the monster … Continue Reading