I often see cases involving the theft of confidential business information by former employees. Attorney Eric Roth has some helpful tips in a recent blog post on how to deal with the problem.

The main take away reminder in my opinion is to take action to protect your trade secrets BEFORE it becomes a problem. As an example, develop confidential information policies in your business to take steps to protect your information including restrictive covenants and send a reminder letter to departing employees of their obligations not to use the confidential business information or violate any non-compete agreements. Conducting a review of a departing employees’ emails is an excellent place to start in order to find out whether confidential information is being downloaded or taken by the employee. Another good idea is to have an exit interview with employees where they return all materials and where you discuss the continuing obligations to your business despite the end of the employee relationship.

Protecting your confidential business information is critical for most employers. Take steps to protect that information now before it is too late.