Des Moines Patent Lawyer Files RICO Lawsuit to Fight Alleged eBay Fraud

Des Moines patent lawyer Brett Trout recently filed a federal lawsuit alleging RICO violations against a woman Trout says is defrauding eBay users. Trout purchased a car from the woman for $22,000 on eBay. He received the car but the title was never delivered even after months of phone calls and threats of litigation. To support his RICO claims, Trout alleges the woman did not deliver certain items to winners of her other eBay auctions including a boat. RICO claims are most often used against criminal conspiracies such as organized crime. While the approach may be novel Trout says the claim fits in this situation. It may have worked too as he is currently in negotiations to obtain the title and recoup certain costs he incurred over the last several months. Trout says, "I just want to drive my car, right now it is the world’s largest door stop."

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