Do you want to build the next Subway? Curves? or Jackson-Hewitt?

Ask yourself these questions in deciding whether you should franchise your business.

1)Are you making a good living in your business?
2)Have you operated multiple locations?
3)Do you have a proven system of operation?
4)Are the profit margins large enough for the franchisee to make a good living, support employees and pay you a royalty?
5)Do you have the time to devote to a franchise operation?
6)Do you have the skill set to promote a franchise operation?
7)Do you have start-up and operating capital?
8)Will franchisees be able to get financing from afforable sources?
9)Does your business have a unique selling proposition?
10)Does success of the business depend on skills people have or can quickly acquire?
11)Is the market stable enough to provide for growth over several years?
12)Are you able to support franchisees once you get them in business and do you have something to offer them beyond getting them in business?

If the answers to these questions are "Yes" then perhaps you are a candidate to franchise your business.

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