Are You Motivated?

Yesterday I attended the Get Motivated Seminar in Des Moines. Here are some sample tidbits from the seminar. Most are common sense but as someone once said, "Common sense is not all that common."

Here are five cornerstones of success as told by Suzie Orman.

1) Think Great Thoughts – have a positive mental attitude
2) Say Great Things – do not speak negatively.
3) Take Great Actions.
4) Wish Others Greatness
5) Love Yourself and Each Other.

Here are a couple of tips from Zig Ziglar.

1) People will not buy until they know how much you care.
2) If someone asks you how you are doing say, "Better than good!"

Phil Town – Successful Investor

1) The best tipoff that a stock is going up – "Insider Buying" (Peter Lynch)
2) The best tipoff that a stock is going down – "Insider selling" (Peter Lynch)
3) Warren Buffett’s rules of making money – #1. Do not lose money. #2. See rule #1.

Peter Lowe

1) Our words control our mind.

Overall I enjoyed the seminar and would recommend it the next time it comes to Des Moines.