Are you looking to incorporate your Iowa small business? My first word of advice is to speak with an accountant to determine which form of business best suits your tax situation. Your choices likely include the "S" corporation, "C" corporation or you could choose to form a limited liability company.

Some people are inclined to choose an online service to incorporate your business. Many of these companies hook you in with a low cost advertisement for the incorporation but the other necessary documentation is offered for a significantly higher cost. Further, these organizations are often unaware of specific legal situations and local laws. It is wise to choose a business lawyer to incorporate your business. You want to make sure your lawyer practices primarily in business law. Choosing a lawyer that is not familar with business law may have serious consequences and may increase the costs because the lawyer may learn on your dime. By analogy, you would not want a plastic surgeon operating on your heart.

Find out how to affordably incorporate or form a limited liability company for your business. Click here for more on small business incorporation.