As a business lawyer, I am reluctant to recommend do-it-yourself solutions.  I have seen many business people run into problems with do-it-yourself contracts, Wills and other documents.  With that caveat, the NOLO Web site is a great online resource.

The NOLO site covers several categories including:

1.  Business and Human Resources;

2.  Patents, Copyrights and & Art;

3.  Wills and Estate Planning;

4.  Property and Money;

5.  Family Law and Immigration;

6.  Rights and Disputes.

Again, I think business people are sometimes surprised to learn that contracts and other documents do not necessarily cost an arm and a leg when you visit a lawyer who regularly practices in business law.  By effectively using technology, many lawyers I know have been able to effectively reduce costs. 

However, I do agree with a recent post on Mindpetals.  There is no substitute for competent, motivated representation from a lawyer but the more you know about the law the better off you are.