A big tip of the cap to Des Moines patent lawyer Brett Trout.  Brett’s blog, Blawg IT, has been named as a finalist for the Weblogs 2006 Law Blog of the Year.  Brett’s blog covers patent, trademark, copyright and information technology issues in an informative and entertaining way.  The Weblogs Award is the world’s largest blog competition.  Congratulations Brett!

The voting begins for the best law blog begins December 7, 2006 so make sure to cast your vote.

Other law blog finalists include:

How Appealing
Blawg IT
Concurring Opinions
Consumer Law & Policy Blog
The Grotian Moment: Saddam Hussein Trial Blog.
The Volokh Conspiracy
JURIST – Paper Chase

If you have a chance be sure to check them out.  There are some excellent legal blogs on this list.