Problem:  You need to train your existing employees on new manufacturing techniques but you don’t have the necessary funds to complete it.

Solution:  Consider a grant under the Iowa Jobs Training Program (260F) through the Des Moines Area Community College Business Resources.  A client recently obtained this grant to train his employees.  He was able to obtain $50,000 to train workers over a three-year period.  To qualify for this program, your business must be engaged in interstate or intrastate commerce for the purposes of manufacturing, processing, assembling products, or conducting research and development.  Businesses that provide services in interstate commerce are also eligible.  Businesses under the 260F program are required to provide 25% of the training program cost as a cash match.

I recommend checking out DMACC’s Business Resources site.  Another funding option for expanding companies includes the Iowa New Jobs Training Program (260E).  The 260E program is free to participating businesses.