I had a fun meeting this morning with Mike Colwell, the Executive Director of Business Innovation Zone (BIZ).  BIZ is a new regional business accelerator program through the Greater Des Moines Partnership.

What is BIZ and what will it do for Central Iowa businesses?

To find out stay tuned for a Rush on Business podcast highlighting BIZ in a couple of weeks.  Mike has graciously agreed to allow me to interview him.  He is an interesting guy with a tremendous business background.  If you are starting a business, working on your business model or perhaps seeking capital, you won’t want to miss it!

Mike confirmed what Adam Steen told me in a recent podcast – there is more money out chasing good business opportunities in Central Iowa than there are good business opportunities.  If you have the right business model and plan, Des Moines, Iowa is the right place to be for your business.  Of course, 10 minute commutes and good schools are not for everyone, right?