Tomorrow I am the luncheon speaker for the Des Moines Sertoma Club.  The topic is my Iowa business law practice and how this blog fits into that practice.  When I started Rush on Business one year ago I never could have imagined all the great things that would happen to me in just one year from a business perspective.

I have gone from the first blog post of small business incorporation in Iowa to posts that have been included in and the Des Moines Register (sorry I don’t think the article appears online anymore).

I received press from The Business Record on multiple occasions and mention from great law bloggers like Kevin O’Keefe, Robert Ambrogi and Dennis Kennedy.

I have been able to strengthen great relationships with people like Iowa patent lawyer Brett Trout (who along the way picked up an award for the sixth best law blog in the world).  Thanks Brett for all your help!

I also have met and worked with talented people like Mike Sansone and Sandy Renshaw and developed strong supporters like New York small business lawyer Imke Ratschko (the very first person I noticed other than Brett Trout that actually put my blog on a blogroll).

I even started podcasting with the opportunity to interview experts like Trout, Matt Ashburn, Adam Steen and Joe Cooney.

Along the way I had the good fortune to work with many quality business clients I may never have worked with had I not been blogging.  And while I am blessed other lawyers are finding similar success including lawyers that get two to three clients a week from their blog.   

So needless to say I am a strong supporter of blogs and the impact blogging can have on a law practice or any business.  As Kevin O’Keefe has said to me and quoted on Lexblog,

"Act as if you have a magic wand when creating a blog. What type of work do you want to do? Who do you want to work with? What type of clients do you want to serve? And be careful what you wish for. Blogging can make it happen."

Thanks to the Sertoma Club and Joe Kristan for the kind invitation to speak and allowing me to reflect upon my first year of blogging.  I can’t wait for the second.