A regular reader asked whether I was going to write my annual baseball post.  Well, he is in luck and I can actually mix in a little law with it.

If you love baseball and e-commerce law (don’t we all?) you will want to check out Blawg Review #103 from Jonathan Frieden of E-Commerce Law.  Jonathan includes Des Moines, Iowa patent attorney Brett Trout of Blawg IT in his designated hitter portion of the review.  (There is no way Jonathan could have known that Brett can’t swing a bat to save his life but fortunately Brett knows his way when it comes to Internet Jurisdiction).

Thanks to Eric Turkewitz of the New York Personal Injury Law Blog for reminding me of the E-Commerce blawg review.  Eric has a kind statement regarding my recent comments on Kevin O’Keefe’s blog about Chubb Insurance’s changing position on providing legal malpractice coverage for blogging lawyers.  Looks like Eric is also a baseball fan as he attended the opening day at Shea Stadium.

And while we are on the topic of baseball Indianola native Casey Blake is off to a respectable start with the Indians.  Last year, Casey had a torrid start to the season.  Casey has historically played his best ball after April and May so it looks like another good season could be in the works. (I must add that Casey kindly donated an autographed jersey this past year to the Rooftop Foundation for its annual golf outing.  Thanks again Casey).

Finally, the Pee Wee and Rookie Cardinals of the Raccoon Valley Little League get started this weekend (weather permitting).  You never know there may be a future major leaguer among them.  Dreams do come true.  Casey is a perfect example.  Moreover, who would have dreamed Iowan and Drake University grad Zach Johnson would win the Masters?  If that doesn’t inspire you nothing will.