Drew McLellan of Drew’s Marketing Minute recently celebrated the 1,000th comment on his blog.  He now has over 600 blogs linking to him.  Quite amazing considering his blog is only seven months old. 

Drew is just one of the great business bloggers you can read on the Central Iowa Bloggers News River.  For example, you can read all about Mitch Matthews and his game ‘Q’ – recently featured in the Des Moines Register.  Or learn some great tips from sensational bloggers such as Mike Sansone and Michael Libbie who have been featured or quoted in the Register too many times to count.  And perhaps you may want to check out a budding TV star, Adam Steen. His speed networking events have caused quite a stir here in the Des Moines business community.  If intellectual property is your thing you will definitely want to check out the Blawg IT from Des Moines Iowa Patent Attorney Brett Trout

Who created this news river?  None other than the boys at Simplifive.  I have a feeling Andy and T.J. are on to big things.

There are a lot of other great bloggers on the river.  Be sure to check it out for yourself.