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Rush on Business Podcast No. 5 is an interview with Mike Colwell.  Mike is the Executive Director of the Business Innovation Zone of Central Iowa (BIZ).  BIZ is a new regional business accelerator through the Greater Des Moines Partnership.  If you are an entrepreneur in Central Iowa you won’t want to miss this podcast.

I encourage you to listen to the podcast to learn how BIZ is uniquely situated to help entrepreneurs in Central Iowa. BIZ will offer low cost mentoring and counseling to businesses of all varieties including advance manufacturing, bio and life sciences and high technology.  Mike’s focus is on businesses that may have the potential to grow on a regional or national level.  To achieve this goal Mike will take entrepreneurs through a five-step process:

  1. Determining the Strategic Fit and Connecting with the Market.
  2. Business Planning.
  3. What talent is necessary to start-up and grow?
  4. What are the leadership needs?
  5. Finding Capital.

Mike also has some very interesting things to say about the Iowa business environment and the qualities that define an entrepreneur. 

If you want to reach Mike Colwell to find out more about BIZ please email him at or give him a call at 515-286-4915.

Listen to the podcast for free!