The continued success of the Central Iowa Bloggers continues to amaze me.  This week both Timothy Johnson of Carpe Factum and Matt and Nathan Owen of U.S. Rodeo Supply were featured in Des Moines Register articles.  That means, according to my recollection, at least 11 Central Iowa Bloggers have been featured in either the Des Moines Register or The Business Record over the last six months.  An amazing feat indeed.

Of course it is one thing to gain publicity but many skeptics ask do you actually get hired because of your blog?  Recently a new client told me that he loved the fact I had a blog.  He said it was helpful to read information on topics of interest before he made the decision to call a lawyer.  He told me the blog helped convinced him that I was an authority on the subject while other lawyers he researched did not make the same showing.  And if you wonder about the quality of clients you attract, experience has told me these clients are well-educated and successful.  The client referenced here runs a multi-million dollar company.  Many of the other clients who have contacted me because of the blog are transitioning from a corporate career to an entrepreneurial career.  These people are using the Internet (and specifically blogs) as a search tool for finding a business lawyer. 

It always nice to get high rankings and accolades but nothing beats making a positive impact and helping prospective or current clients.  The lawyers I know who are successful bloggers have a deep devotion to assisting the public and are willing to give before they receive.  It helps to reach out to other lawyers and assist them in promoting their blogs and providing additional resources for your prospective or current clients.  I think some lawyers worry that if you send the reader to another site they will never come back.  To the contrary, my theory is that if you act as a resource hub for your readers they will come back again and again and again.  Be sure to link out to other lawyers.  Acknowledging others for their work is a great way to see your law blog grow.

One other thing:  my experience tells me you don’t have to be flamboyant or catchy.  What people really want is information!  The most basic posts on this blog are by far the most popular.   

If you are a lawyer in the Midwest interested in finding out more about law blogs and other legal technology issues you do not want to miss an upcoming seminar Brett Trout and I have planned for July.  We should have the date confirmed by early next week and we anticipate one of the world’s most prolific law bloggers will be on hand to present. No, I don’t mean Brett – although having the guy who has the sixth best law blog in the world present at your seminar isn’t too shabby.  Stay tuned for our announcement on LAWpportunities next week for the exciting news.