Ordinarily people say only two things are certain – death and taxes.  Well, there is one other thing.  If I schedule a baseball practice for my little league teams it will rain.

But it’s also raining law blogs in Iowa.  The law firm of Huber Book Cortese Happe and Lanz has four new law blogs in their infancy including:

Another blog includes the personal injury and workers’ compensation blog by Corey Walker on his impressive injurediowan.com Web site.  And you’ll notice that rather than feature corn stalks Corey has decided to emphasize the mountain range somewhere around Newton.  (If that were only the view from the Iowa Speedway).  But seriously it looks like Corey will have valuable information for injured iowans on his blog in addition to the special reports he features on his site.

Barb Diment has also just started her law blog.  She will focus on personal injury and workers’ compensation as well.  It’s nice to see Barb isn’t afraid to give kudos to other lawyers as her intial post congratulates Roxanne Conlin on her big settlement with Microsoft.

Good luck to all these new Iowa law bloggers.  I hope you will reach out and join the conversation with other law bloggers out there.  Also, stay tuned for an upcoming law blog and technology seminar through Lawpportunities.  It would be great to see everyone there.  We expect to schedule it in July.