Timothy_johson All politics are local.  Including the office.  Do you know how to play the game or is the game playing you?

Timothy Johnson is a business consultant, author and adjunct professor in the MBA program at Drake University in Des Moines.  We are excited to have Timothy share his insight, wit and wisdom on office politics at the upcoming Secrets of Successful Professionals Revealed seminar. 

Timothy is the author of GUST – The Tale Wind of Office Politics.  Check out Drew McLellan’s review of the book.  As Drew says, "Without the ability to spot office politics and do the necessary analysis to identify the motives behind the behavior, we don’t stand a chance of being successful."

Learn more about Gust and Timothy on his blog, Carpe Factum.  If you don’t know what Carpe Factum means it is the Latin equivalent of "Git’er done!".   So come have fun and learn valuable skills in how to deal with office politics at the same time.

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