We are excited to have entrepreneur and local radio star Jim Goodman speak at the upcoming Secrets of Successful Professionals Revealed seminar.  Are you routinely looking at ways to help your clients get what they want?  Perhaps even outside your professional discipline?  If not, you are likely missing golden opportunities to grow your business. 

Jim is the CEO of Customer Ease, Employer Ease and Emerging Growth Group in Des Moines. He is a frequent speaker on business topics and is the host of the Iowa Business Hour. Jim’s program emphasizes the 4 M’s of creating a successful business venture – Money, Management, Marketing and Model.

Although Jim played college football at Saint John’s University (there is a story there) we won’t hold that against him.  One of the philosophies he learned from his legendary football coach is, "We are just ordinary people, doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well."  Jim personifies that philosophy.  Don’t miss the chance to hear him talk on how you can succeed by bringing others success.

For more information on the Business Conference seminar and the other speakers check out our Events Page.  The seminar is July 20th.  Register today! 

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