Shirley Have you ever been in a meeting where everyone avoided the "elephant in the room"?  In our business and daily lives we all avoid certain conversations.  At work we send emails when we should talk to someone in person.  Or, we often ignore issues altogether which only makes matters worse.  Mastering Crucial Conversations and confrontations is a key to high performance and improving relationships.

At the upcoming Secrets of Successful Professionals Revealed seminar Shirley Poertner will introduce you to the concepts in how to master your Crucial Conversations.  When stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong, top performers turn disagreements and differences into dialogue. That’s where Crucial Conversations skills are critical. They turn diversity into synergy and synergy into results.   

Shirley is an accomplished presenter who provides two-day workshops on Crucial Conversations and Crucial Confrontations in Iowa.  Her background includes management and business experience with Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Meredith Corporation and First Interstate Bank (now Bank of America).  Her company, the Poertner Consulting Group, is focused on helping business professionals achieve their full potential.

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