At the upcoming Secrets of Successful Professionals Revealed seminar you’ll get your chance to hear from Tre Critelli.  Tre and his father, Nicholas Critelli, have the only law firm within the United States that features a pair of English barristers and U.S. trial lawyers. 

The use of technology in Critelli’s office is innovative and the envy of lawyers (and small office professionals) across the United States.  In an effort to keep clients fully engaged they have created a virtual law office where clients may enter a password protected site at any time and receive case updates, enter into a discussion or dialogue concerning their case or access documents, video presentations and deadlines.  In addition, the firm hosts a virtual conference room where clients attend case briefings.

At the seminar though Tre will concentrate on networking beyond artificial boundaries.  Choosing the right mix of professional networking, social networking, blogging, technology and real world connections is what Networking 2.0 is all about. Tre will help you take your career from being the small fish in one big pond to being the big fish in lots and lots of of small ponds.

As you might expect from someone with such a diverse background, Tre is an entertaining and creative speaker.  Come join us for the seminar on July 20th.

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