Victoria_herring Bigger isn’t always better. Victoria Herring is a successful sole practitioner who practices in the areas of civil rights and discrimination law in Des Moines. She is a believer in cutting-edge technology including the latest Apple technology, Web-based communication and online research. She will lend her expertise in how professionals can start their businesses on a shoe-string and use technology to gain an advantage over the slower moving “big boys.”

Victoria is an accomplished speaker who provides consulting services for employers and has successfully represented plaintiffs and defendants in civil trials. As with most things, the Internet has changed the landscape for professionals.  Victoria has embraced new technologies and believes that personal service and the ability to treat each client as an individual is what separates many small firm professionals from the pack. 

For such an accomplished lawyer, Victoria’s office is a little different than you might expect.  She does not work from an ivory tower but instead chooses to work from home.  Today’s technologies allow her to remain responsive and competitive and she will show you can do it too.

The expectations of our clients are changing and professionals like Victoria Herring are listening.  Are you?

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