Very soon Rush on Business will have a new design courtesy of the pros at LexBlogKevin O’Keefe and his talented team are putting the final touches on the blog and I am eagerly anticipating the change.

Why did I switch?

  1. I am continually impressed by the professional design and features of the LexBlog law blogs.  When I browse lawyer blogs I have always loved the look-and-feel of LexBlog designs.  They are very appealing.
  2. Kevin O’Keefe knows and understands lawyer blogs better than anyone I know.  Even when I had my typepad blog and gave no indication I was interested in LexBlog he took an interest in my blog, helped promote it and discussed ways for me to improve my blog.  All without any pressure whatsoever to switch to his company.  Now that is impressive!
  3. The company is on the forefront of the growing law blog phenomenon.  The company is constantly upgrading and striving for excellence.  The customer service is exceptional. 

For more reasons on why to consider LexBlog check out this post from legal marketer extraordinaire, Larry Bodine, who also switched from Typepad to LexBlog.

Stay tuned for the change soon.