Are your employment policies and practices up-to-date? Every employer is at risk for an employment-related lawsuit. Every lawsuit is potentially devastating to your business, given the high costs of defending a suit, negative publicity, employee time spent in litigation, and ripple effect of employee complaints. You can significantly cut down your exposure to an employment-related lawsuit by having an attorney review your company’s employment policies and procedures from the interview to the termination stage. Well-drafted employment policies and handbooks, detailed recordkeeping, and good human resource practices are the best way to avoid complaints and employee-related lawsuits.

West Des Moines, Iowa Attorney Rush Nigut of Brick Gentry P.C. offers assistance with his preventative program, including risk assessments and training for management, human resource professionals, and employees. Training is particularly important because it reduces the risk of lawsuits, gives you the tools to defend against lawsuits and improves your company’s morale. Risk assessments are also crucial to your protection against lawsuits. Areas evaluated may include:

  1. Employee application and interview documents;
  2. Personnel files;
  3. Employee handbook;
  4. Employee performance evaluations;
  5. Employee discipline;
  6. Employee job descriptions;
  7. Safety policies and operating procedures;
  8. Wage and hour  – Pay practices;
  9. Benefit policies;
  10. Required postings;
  11. Board policies (if applicable);
  12. Union contract (if applicable);
  13. Employee termination;
  14. Employee exit interviews;
  15. Employee privacy issues.

Within one to two weeks of the on-site visit, you will receive a written report of the findings. This report will note any problem areas in your policies and practices and provide specific, practical recommendations to reduce your company’s exposure to complaints, lawsuits and penalties. A compliance review helps catch potential legal issues before they become serious problems. The result could be significant savings in future legal costs, less disruption to your business and stronger employee relationships.  Please contact Rush Nigut at 515-274-1450 or email for more information concerning his employment law compliance services.


Upon request a schedule of fees will be provided. The fee includes the compliance review and a written report of the findings. Rush is also willing to help you implement the recommendations or assist with other employment-related matters, including harassment, discipline, and discrimination training. However, implementation and other services are provided at additional cost.