Last week I attended an online monthly Webinar given by entrepreneurs Doug Mitchell ( and Andy Brudtkuhl ( called Lunchtime Mastermind. I have known and worked with both these guys for several years now so I thought I would check out their latest venture. I came away very impressed.

SEO for small business was the topic for the first Webinar and future sessions are designed to include actionable information to make your business more findable online and position you to convert prospects. The online forum allows you not only to engage the speakers but also allows you to interact with other attendees online. It is a great feature that I enjoyed considerably during the first session. A number of attendees had pertinent information to add, and sort of like attending a great CLE program, the input of the audience made the hour even more worthwhile.

I really encourage you to try out the Lunchtime Mastermind if you have an interest in expanding your business online. Be sure to contact Doug or Andy if you have more questions.  They will take the time to answer those questions. Like you, these guys are in the trenches running their own businesses and their practical approach is a breath of fresh air in a world of get-rich-quick online marketing programs.