Last night I attended the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s Annual Dinner. It was an interesting evening and I enjoyed listening to the guest speaker Christiane Amanpour discuss her experiences as a global journalist. She is obviously incredibly passionate about her work and encouraged everyone in the audience to "DO GOOD" with their work and to help the community around them. 

The Partnership also announced last night that it is continuing its support of the "Hiring our Heroes" program designed to get our unemployed Iowa military veterans back to work.  A video presented before dinner stressed the sacrifice made by so few for so many of us and the tremendous qualities that military veterans demonstrate in workplaces throughout Iowa.

Yesterday, I wrote about Above the Line America a new group formed for business people who have a "GIVE FIRST" attitude. So all of the events and conversations got me thinking, "How can I "DO GOOD" and "GIVE FIRST"?

That’s why I have decided throughout the rest of 2012, I will donate my time for any Iowa military veteran who wishes to set up a basic corporation or LLC for a new small business. It’s only a small gesture but it’s one way that I can say thanks to our veterans who have sacrificed so much for us. So if you are a military veteran in Iowa  who is starting a small business, feel free to contact me regarding this offer.