The Iowa Caucus is this coming Monday, February 1, 2016. Many in Iowa claim to be happy when the caucus is over but secretly we like all the attention because Iowa only receives this kind of attention every presidential election cycle. So who is going to win the Iowa caucuses this coming Monday? I am by no means a political prognosticator but here are my predictions:

Democrats – Bernie Sanders. Say what? Hillary just can’t seem to win in Iowa and I am doubtful she gets it done Monday. Eight years ago Hillary expected to win Iowa hands down. Obama was a big surprise and I see the same happening from Sanders this time.

Republicans – Ted Cruz. I am predicting his supporters are more organized. He’s got some big name grass roots organizers behind him. Will Trump’s supporters turn out for the caucus is really the big question mark in my mind?  Does Trump have fans or voters? It will be a great test.

Those are my thoughts. Yours?

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