There are no little things.

Corporations and limited liability companies in the State of Iowa are required to appoint a registered agent and office within Iowa to receive service of process. We are able serve as your business entity’s Iowa designee to accept official documents on your behalf such as original notices for lawsuits and communications from various Iowa state agencies. If your business is a corporation or LLC, we also provide services to file your biennial report with the Iowa Secretary of State office.

You may see other organizations and businesses on the Internet that provide registered agent services. Many of those organizations are unable to provide you with legal advice and may not fully understand the implications of Iowa law. Our law firm is located in the State of Iowa and we provide these registered agent services for companies and franchises in the State of Iowa.

You can also serve as your own registered agent if you are an Iowa resident, but we have found that individuals often do not understand the consequences of a failure to respond within the applicable deadlines set forth in lawsuits and other communications served. It is best practice to have an attorney serve as the registered agent so that a professional familiar with responding to lawsuits and other communications has the opportunity to review such documents immediately rather than waiting until the 11th hour or until it is too late.

It is a small investment to protect your business. Amazingly, the registered agent is one of the  “little things” often overlooked by business people. A small fee for a business can prevent a huge headache. The lack of attention to filings and other important communications can have disastrous consequences for a business or franchise including a default judgment where monetary damages are entered against your company without the opportunity to defend a lawsuit filed against you. Unfortunately, I have seen it too many times to count.

So if you need a registered agent in Iowa, we can help.