Today is the day.  The Iowa caucus is finally here.  I saw this report fromYahoo that approximately 2.75 million Iowans won’t caucus today.  That means only approximately 10 percent  (or less) of Iowans are expected to caucus.  Let’s hope we blow that figure away.

I was a little surprised when one of my friends

Tomorrow is the Iowa caucus.  As my friend Michael Libbie pointed out in a recent comment on this blog, we are so lucky here in Iowa.  We get to meet the candidates, ask questions and receive hundreds and hundreds of phone calls.  (Well, two out of three isn’t bad).

Caucus locations and information for Democrats can be found

The Iowa Caucus is this Thursday, January 3rd.  The national media has descended upon us and at least one of my restaurant clients I talked with recently is extremely thankful.  Yesterday, I featured the Democratic candidates and today it’s the Republican candidates.  Again, my intent is not to endorse any particular candidate but rather provide a little bit

Yesterday I received five phone calls and four knocks at the door from several campaigns that are pulling out all the stops to win the Iowa caucus.  With the caucus coming up this Thursday, January 3rd, I wanted to highlight all the major candidates with some video footage of speeches.  Today I will feature the