The time to hire a business attorney is before you get into legal trouble.  It is much easier and more cost-effective to prevent problems rather than solve them.  Further, if you do get into legal trouble it will be much easier to deal with the issues if you already have a solid relationship with a business attorney.

So how do you hire a business attorney for your Iowa business?  I suggest you insist upon two main criteria:

1. The attorney must be experienced and competent with business law issues.  Since you are in business you probably should not hire the local personal injury, family law or other attorney that does not have experience with business law issues.  Choosing a lawyer that is not familar with business law may have serious consequences and may increase the costs because the lawyer may learn on your dime. By analogy, you don’t want a plastic surgeon operating on your heart.

2.  Make sure you feel comfortable with the attorney.  Don’t make a snap decision based upon hourly rates.  Do you trust the lawyer?  Did you get your call returned right away?  Is the attorney easy to talk with?  Does the attorney care about you and your business?  Does the relationship feel right?  There are many competent and experienced business attorneys in Iowa so make sure to trust your instincts.

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