If you are a lawyer representing an individual you better start asking your clients whether they have a MySpace, Facebook, or other social networking Web site.  A lawyer I know ended up on the short end of the stick in a pre-trial hearing when opposing counsel pulled out pictures and comments from a client’s MySpace site during a hearing.  Needless to say, the pictures and comments were less than flattering for the client.

Whether you have a personal injury, employment, family law or other case be sure to ask the client in your initial interview whether they have a social networking Web site (or whether family members or friends may have posted about them on the Internet).  If so, be sure to visit the site to learn what has been posted.  If you are a client, be sure to tell your lawyer about any of your personal Web sites.  You may think you are safe because only your "friends" have access.  Keep in mind that your friends are one subpoena away from being forced to testify against you. 

Ignore MySpace, Facebook, and other similar sites at your peril.

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