How many blog posts about the former Playboy playmate actually provide valuable lessons on legal issues?  Well, Matt Gardner of Sullivan & Ward, P.C., whose blog provides information on Iowa estate planning and probate, tells us why Anna Nicole Smith’s Will is not how you should plan your estate.  Matt believes there are some basic lessons we can learn from the Anna Nicole situation:

  • Periodically you should review your estate plan, especially if there are significant changes in your life. Birth of a child and/or death of child and/or marriage qualify as "biggies".
  • Use an attorney who understands estate planning and listen to any recommendations they may have for you.
  • Don’t get "cute" with your plans. You’ll only create confusion and generate work for attorneys.

Looking for more information on trusts and estates?  You may also want to check out the Ohio Trust & Estate Blog from Michael Bonasera.  One of Michael’s most recent posts is planning on the passing of personal property.  Thanks for including me on your blogroll, Michael.  Keep up the good work.