Brett Rogers of Beat Canvas had an angry post entitled "What is Wrong with America".  Brett is disgusted with a justice system that allows a lawyer (and administrative law judge) to sue his dry cleaner for $67 million in damages for a lost pair of pants.

It’s cases like this one that upset people and tarnish the image of lawyers and the justice system.  I predict justice will ultimately prevail but it is unfortunate our system is often clogged up with cases of this nature.  For example, last year I blogged about a man that sued Michael Jordan for $832 million because he was constantly mistaken for his Airness.  (The case was ultimately dismissed and it was reported no money was paid).

And although these cases are considered by many as outrageous it is important to point out that neither plaintiff had a lawyer to represent them.  Moreover, I take issue with some of the commentary on Brett’s post which lumps the famous McDonald’s coffee case in the same category.  Sadly, there are many misconceptions about that case.  If you are interested in reading facts about the McDonald’s case you might want to check out this site.  You might actually think McDonald’s got what it deserved if you know the facts.  We know the jury who heard all the facts sure did.

It sure is helpful to see how many view our justice system.  I’ll remember a lot of the commentary in preparation for my next trial.