Penny J. Ummstattd-Cope of the Joplin, MO Business Blog points out that today’s women need to be just as concerned about protecting their assets as men.  Penny says:

Women should start thinking about protecting their assets before they get married or even enter into a living arrangement with a man.  Why?  More and more women are seeing an increase in their income due to owning their own business, working their way up the corporate ladder, etc.  In many cases the woman’s income will be more than the man.  Women need to start thinking about protecting their assets just like the men have always done.

It is sound advice from Penny.  I am seeing more and more women starting businesses than ever before.  It is also my impression that more women are becoming professionals such as lawyers, doctors, pharmacists, and accountants than ever before.  These women definitely need to consider asset protection.

Penny’s post on Prenups for Women has lots of good information.  Be sure to check it out.