I read an interesting report regarding the Yankees’ negotiations with Alex Rodriguez.  Apparently the Oracle of Omaha provided some advice that Rodriguez should contact the Yankees without his super agent Scott Boras.  With the assistance of two Goldman Sachs executives Rodriguez negotiated his $275 million, 10 year deal with the Yankees.

It was a tough week for Boras as Detroit pitcher Kenny Rogers also gave him the boot.

Is Boras a victim of his own success?  The contracts he has negotiated have been out of this world.  But the owners can’t stand him and apparently the big money earned by his clients can’t buy love either.  Rodriguez likely would have earned more on the free agent market but he wanted to remain a Yankee.  Boras must not have been listening.  Buffett did.

I wonder if Buffett will help LeBron James on his next big deal.  Or better yet, I wonder if he provides investment advice to law bloggers?