I had the pleasure of sitting down for an interview with Michael Libbie yesterday. We talked blogging, discrimination cases, franchising and other issues.

If you didn’t catch it live you can watch the podcast here. (The interview begins at about the 30 minute mark).

If you haven’t heard about Des Moines Local Live

Need capital for your business? Looking for an investor? If so, you should take the opportunity to attend a seminar from the Business Innovation Zone of Central Iowa (BIZ) on how to get your business into shape and attract an investor’s eye.

Adam Claypool of DeWaay Investment Banking is the speaker. I have worked

Megan Erickson of the Dickinson Law Firm has started Erickson’s Blog on Social Networking and the Law.  Now that’s a blog that will have a never ending flow of posts.  She already has an interesting array of posts including one where a business owner got slapped with a $2 million libel lawsuit for Facebook and

Liz Overton of Sullivan & Ward, P.C. has a timely post on how employers should deal with the H1N1 virus

While it’s true that employers are currently under no obligation to allow additional time off to employees who do not have available time off or have exhausted their available leave, I could easily see employers facing a tough dilemma about

You’ve probably seen them in your contracts. Miscellaneous provisions such as choice of law, litigation venue, successors and assigns provisions, no waiver, entire understanding, or supersede clauses.  They tend to always appear at the end of the contract and are almost always an afterthought by the parties. After all, those provisions don’t mean anything