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What Employers Need to Know About H1N1

In a recent interview I was asked about what employers need to know about the H1N1 virus as a follow up to my recent post on how employers need to be prepared for H1N1.  I didn’t have a lot of time to respond as the question came towards the end of the program and we … Continue Reading

Insight on Business Interview

I had the pleasure of sitting down for an interview with Michael Libbie yesterday. We talked blogging, discrimination cases, franchising and other issues. If you didn’t catch it live you can watch the podcast here. (The interview begins at about the 30 minute mark). If you haven’t heard about Des Moines Local Live, you should … Continue Reading

How to Catch the Business Investor’s Eye

Need capital for your business? Looking for an investor? If so, you should take the opportunity to attend a seminar from the Business Innovation Zone of Central Iowa (BIZ) on how to get your business into shape and attract an investor’s eye. Adam Claypool of DeWaay Investment Banking is the speaker. I have worked with … Continue Reading

Negotiating Franchise Agreements

Franchise attorney Charles Internicola busts the myth that franchise agreements are non-negotiable in his post, Myth:  Is it Illegal for a Franchisor to Negotiate and Modify the Terms of its Franchise Agreement. This is one of the best posts on the subject that I have seen. In addition to the fact that you should take … Continue Reading

Social Networking Law Blog Sure to Be Busy

Megan Erickson of the Dickinson Law Firm has started Erickson’s Blog on Social Networking and the Law.  Now that’s a blog that will have a never ending flow of posts.  She already has an interesting array of posts including one where a business owner got slapped with a $2 million libel lawsuit for Facebook and Twitter … Continue Reading

Employers Need to Prepare for H1N1

Liz Overton of Sullivan & Ward, P.C. has a timely post on how employers should deal with the H1N1 virus.  While it’s true that employers are currently under no obligation to allow additional time off to employees who do not have available time off or have exhausted their available leave, I could easily see employers facing a tough dilemma about whether to … Continue Reading

Contract Law: Miscellaneous Provisions Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought

You’ve probably seen them in your contracts. Miscellaneous provisions such as choice of law, litigation venue, successors and assigns provisions, no waiver, entire understanding, or supersede clauses.  They tend to always appear at the end of the contract and are almost always an afterthought by the parties. After all, those provisions don’t mean anything, right?  … Continue Reading

Brick Gentry Lawyers Win Highly Publicized Case in Union County, Iowa

A jury recently found a Union County Board of Supervisor, Mike King, not guilty of disorderly conduct after half hour of deliberation.  Brick Gentry’s Matt Brick and Doug Fulton defended King in the case.   For details on the case please read Matt’s blog post regarding the intersection of employment law and criminal law.… Continue Reading

Navigate the Internet’s Legal Minefield

Brett Trout, author of BlawgIT, offers his take on how you should navigate the Internet’s legal minefield in a recent post on IowaBiz. Trout’s Cyberlaw: A Legal Arsenal for Online Business is a book  I highly recommend if you currently operate (or plan to operate) an online business. It’s a great desk reference rather than one … Continue Reading

Trial Law: Tiger’s Loss Offers Good Lesson

Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer of his time. He was such a lock going into the weekend of the PGA Championship that an Irish bookmaker actually paid out the winnings on Tiger before the third round even started — oops! I’ll admit that I never could have imagined Y.E. Yang would actually pull it out for … Continue Reading

Repeat After Me: Get it in Writing

A recent case reported in the Des Moines Register discusses how a handshake deal on the sale of a home went awry for a man that apparently invested over $100,000 in a home – only to learn the home was not his. Actually there was a one-line agreement in this instance which read, "I Floyd … Continue Reading

How Business Gets Done Hits Virtual Bookshelves

How Business Gets Done, Words of Wisdom from Central Iowa Experts has hit the virtual bookshelves at www.lulu.com. I am honored to be a contributing author with several respected peers in our business community. My chapter is on the Partnership Prenuptial where I discuss the importance of drafting a  buy-sell agreement from the beginning of … Continue Reading

U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Iowa Age Discrimination Case

 The U.S. Supreme Court recently handed down a decision in Gross v. FBL Financial Services. The Court ruled that a plaintiff bringing a claim under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) must show by a preponderance of the evidence that age was the "but for" cause of the employer’s adverse employment decision, and that … Continue Reading

How Business Gets Done

 I am proud to be one of the authors of How Business Gets Done: Words of Wisdom By Central Iowa Experts. Thirty-two experts from Central Iowa have collaborated to share their best practices on a variety of subjects including marketing, leadership, accounting, and legal. It’s a great desk reference for any entrepreneur. Visit lulu.com to … Continue Reading

Corporations and LLCs: Tips on Signing Agreements

Whether you are starting a business from scratch or buying an existing business you should consider setting up a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) before you actually sign any agreements or documents relating to your new venture. To the extent possible, avoid signing any contracts, loan agreements or leases in your personal name. In … Continue Reading

Entrepreneurial Resource Guide to Find Money for Your Business

Looking for money for your business? Check out the entrepreneurial resource guide from Biz. The guide explores and explains grants, loans and assistance programs. I am excited to speak at the Biz on How To Choose the Right Business Structure for Your Business. The presentation is June 17th at 11:30 a.m. The admission fee is $10.00 … Continue Reading

Casey’s General Stores Settles Wage Lawsuits for $11.7 Million

 According to the Wall Street Journal, Iowa-based Casey’s General Stores agreed to pay $11.7 million to settle two class action wage lawsuits.   According to the Department of Labor and industry experts, it is believed that 70 percent (or more) of businesses are out of compliance with wage and hour laws. How can your business … Continue Reading

San Diego Small Business Law Blog is a Gem

From time to time I enjoy featuring a business law blog worth reading. The San Diego Small Business Law Blog from Joseph Dang is definitely one to check out. Although the blog is centered on California law, Joseph has a number of general posts that are helpful to any small business owner. In particular, I encourage … Continue Reading