The Giants denied the Patriots a perfect season with an amazing 17-14 victory in tonight’s Super Bowl.  And as much as I enjoyed the game I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read a headline that Senator Arlen Specter intends to meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and has indicated that the Patriots’ spygate controversy could go to hearings.

Frankly, I’ve had it.  Don’t we have a little more serious problems to deal with like a struggling economy, a mortgage foreclosure crisis and wars in Iraq and Afganistan.  Our government should stay out of the current NFL controversy and also major league baseball for that matter.  But if they are bound and determined to investigate something perhaps I could go along with an investigation of professional soccer.  After all, the money paid to David Beckham after playing a measly number of games is the single biggest atrocity I have seen in sports during my lifetime.