Brett Trout, author of BlawgIT, offers his take on how you should navigate the Internet’s legal minefield in a recent post on IowaBiz.

Trout’s Cyberlaw: A Legal Arsenal for Online Business is a book  I highly recommend if you currently operate (or plan to operate) an online business. It’s a great desk reference rather than one you would read from cover-to-cover. I have referred to mine on several occasions as Internet legal issues come up. But keep in mind that the Internet continues to evolve so quickly, particularly with the explosion of social networking sites, that the book can’t cover all nuances even though it was published just two years ago.

As Trout says, you won’t become a Cyberlawyer by reading the book but you likely will have a better understanding of the legal issues involved with the Internet and also will give you leg up when the need arises to consult a lawyer.