For the past 17 years, I have been advising businesses of all shapes and sizes, whether small or large. I have always loved working with startups. It is exciting to hear the stories of these entrepreneurs and how they could solve a problem or discovered a new way of doing business.

Now I am leaping into that startup world with my own company called Notifyworks. Notifyworks is an automated client notification system. We are currently continuing with our beta testing but anticipate launching formally September 1, 2011. My partners, Mike Colwell and Brian Hemesath, bring a wealth of experience and I couldn’t be more excited to get our company off the ground.

The idea from Notifyworks developed out of my law practice. In almost every contract or legal matter, there is some sort of follow up needed. It might be a termination date, a renewal or some other deadline. Too often these dates are ignored by clients until the last minute, or worse, forgotten entirely. What Notifyworks does, in a nutshell, is make sure lawyers and their clients never miss one of those dates. It’s a great solution for any professional or business that routinely deals with contracts and deadlines.

Unlike your calendar or docket system that still requires you to take action, Notifyworks removes surprises or last minute scrambling by allowing you to set up proactive notifications that are timed to automatically go out in advance of important dates and deadlines. The system is easy to use and we have a notification library with message templates or your own customized messages that will save you valuable time in the process.  I think most lawyers will even generate more work from clients that see their lawyer cares and is on top of things.   The whole idea is to deliver great service and build strong relationships with clients.

I am excited to discuss Notifyworks and other stories on the Silicon Prairie News Prairiecast this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. If you miss it live, please be sure to check out the archived podcast.

If you are interested in joining our beta test group, please send me an email at Be sure to let me know if I can answer any questions.