Jon Hyman wrote on his Ohio Employer’s Law Blog that the NLRB has issued a 2nd report on social media as protected concerted activity.  If you are an employer considering discipline or termination of an employee resulting from social media activity you need to be very careful. Jon points out:

This report underscores that employees’ use of social media to discuss the workplace and work-related issues, and the impact of business’s social media policies on those discussions, remains at or near the top of the NLRB’s priorities. Because the NLRB is taking such an interest in this area, employers act at their peril if they discipline or discharge an employee for social media activities, or roll out a social media policy, without the advice and input of counsel well-versed on these issues.

Bottom line:  Discipline of employees making disparaging comments about your company through blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other sites could land you in trouble. You should read the report of the acting NLRB general counsel. It’s one thing to have rules that prohibit plainly egregious conduct through the use of social media but be VERY cautious if have rules trying to curb what employees can say about your company.