I was recently contacted by a business client whose employee signed a “contract” purporting to be from YELLOW PAGE IOWA that had been faxed to their business for what appeared to be a free Yellow Page or Facebook ad. The contract is misleading and deceptive and the fine print actually attempts to lock the client in to paying $99.00 per month for a two-year period all, payable one year in advance. The client has since received numerous bills and threatening letters from this organization apparently headquartered in Dubai despite numerous attempts to resolve the situation.

My client’s experience is like a business owner from New Jersey who apparently had the same thing happen.

Unfortunately it appears as though this is an all-too-routine scam according to the Iowa attorney general and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Websites.

If you receive an contact by fax or otherwise from YELLOW PAGE IOWA or Yellow-Page-USA.com managed by Open Business Directory Ltd. you will want to be sure to throw it in the trash.  DO NOT sign the contract or send it back.  It is a good policy to steer clear of any fax solicitations for your business and to make sure that only authorized management employees sign agreements for your organization.