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Three Iowa Supreme Court Justices Ousted

In a historic vote last night, three Iowa Supreme Court justices were ousted as a result of a controversial decision made by the court last year in Varnum v. Brien.  The Iowa Supreme Court unanimously upheld that the statute defining marriage only as a union between a man and a woman violated the equal protection clause in the Iowa … Continue Reading

Iowa Judiciary Deserves Our Support

This is not a political blog but I feel compelled to write about the recent political effort by a special interest group to oust many of the judges on the November 2nd ballot including three Iowa Supreme Court Justices.  The special interest effort, in my view, is misguided. I am proud to be a part … Continue Reading

PorticoHR Social Media & Human Resources Seminar

I am looking forward to speaking on June 9th at the PorticoHR Social Media & Human Resources Seminar. Should be a fun panel with pulic relations and social media strategist Claire Celsi and Sam Mandolfo of LinkedIn also speaking. PorticoHR is a provider of temporary and direct-hire staffing in Central Iowa. It is owned by Katie Roth who has … Continue Reading

Iowa Intellectual Property Attorney Brian Laurenzo Joins Brick Gentry

Brick Gentry, P.C. is excited to announce that intellectual property attorney, Brian Laurenzo, has joined the firm as a shareholder effective June 1, 2010. Brian was most recently the head of the intellectual property practice group for the Des Moines office of Dorsey & Whitney. Brian brings a tremendous amount of experience in patent, trademark and copyright law. He has a broad transactional … Continue Reading

Twitter Interview Today with Lance Godard

Today I am excited to get a chance to participate in 22 Tweets with Lance Godard.  22 Tweets is an opportunity for practicing lawyers that tweet to share their stories and tell a little bit about themselves in a 22 question format. Lance has a terrific site (an ABA Journal Blawg 100 recipient) that features many interesting and … Continue Reading

Insight on Business Interview

I had the pleasure of sitting down for an interview with Michael Libbie yesterday. We talked blogging, discrimination cases, franchising and other issues. If you didn’t catch it live you can watch the podcast here. (The interview begins at about the 30 minute mark). If you haven’t heard about Des Moines Local Live, you should … Continue Reading

Navigate the Internet’s Legal Minefield

Brett Trout, author of BlawgIT, offers his take on how you should navigate the Internet’s legal minefield in a recent post on IowaBiz. Trout’s Cyberlaw: A Legal Arsenal for Online Business is a book  I highly recommend if you currently operate (or plan to operate) an online business. It’s a great desk reference rather than one … Continue Reading

How Business Gets Done Hits Virtual Bookshelves

How Business Gets Done, Words of Wisdom from Central Iowa Experts has hit the virtual bookshelves at I am honored to be a contributing author with several respected peers in our business community. My chapter is on the Partnership Prenuptial where I discuss the importance of drafting a  buy-sell agreement from the beginning of … Continue Reading

Iowa Employment, Training and Benefits Conference

I’ll be speaking about the dangers and pitfalls of the electronic workplace this afternoon at the Iowa Employment, Training and Benefits Conference sponsored by HR-One Source.  Matt Brick and Doug Fulton of Brick Gentry are also presenting at the conference.  Matt is providing the employment law update and Doug will present on FMLA basics. … Continue Reading

Raising Venture Capital: Presentation at BIZ

There has been considerable interest in raising venture capital among several entrepreneurs in the Des Moines area recently. For those looking to raise capital you won’t want to miss an upcoming event sponsored by BIZ. Matt Kinley, senior vice president of Pappajohn Capital Resources and Equity Dynamics, will be the BIZ guest and speaker at the … Continue Reading

Blawg Review of the Year Nominations

Blawg Review is the blog carnival for everyone interested in law. A peer-reviewed blog carnival, the host of each Blawg Review decides which of the submissions and recommendations are suitable for inclusion in the presentation. For an example, please read my Blawg Review #147 during which Charlie Longbrief got so tired riding across Iowa that he apparently … Continue Reading

City of Des Moines Utility Franchise Tax Trial Begins Today

The City of Des Moines utility franchise tax trial begins today.  The following is a summary of the procedural aspects of the case and what is at stake. Initially, the Des Moines had been sued in District Court by Lisa Kragnes seeking to declare the utility franchise fee found on MidAmerican Energy bills illegal. Kragnes won in district … Continue Reading

Rush on Business Interactive Learning Environment Coming Soon – Honestly

It has taken longer than I had hoped but my November goal is to lauch the Interactive Learning Environment for clients and others interested in employment law compliance and training, franchising basics and starting up your business.  Our initial free program will include a Legal Guidebook on Starting Your Iowa Business.  Gradually, we will release more and more … Continue Reading

Kennedy’s Immigration Law Report

Brick Gentry’s Austin Kennedy is now live with his new immigration law blog.  The blog was designed by our friends at Lexblog. Austin chairs Brick Gentry’s immigration and naturalization law practice group, with an emphasis on employment-based immigration (ie., work visas), employer immigration compliance (ie., avoiding and recovering from ICE raids) and investor visas. Austin … Continue Reading

Midwest Small Business Conference: October 10 & 11, 2008

The Midwest Small Business Conference is now set for October 10 & 11, 2008 at the Des Moines Marriott.  This event is rescheduled from the previous announcement on this blog because the original date conflicted with the Iowa-Iowa State football game. (Conference organizers learned that not even business gets in the way of football).  Fortunately the conference was able to … Continue Reading

Back to Business: Small Business Trends Blawg Review #177

Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends hosts her Back to Business Blawg Review #177 this week.  Anita was kind enough to include my post from IowaBiz on the Most Important Legal Axiom in the Business World. For those of you not familiar with the Small Business Trends site, it is one you should follow through your feed … Continue Reading

The Olympics: Gold Medal Business Model

Great post from Susan Reid on the Small Business Trends Web site on the 15 Ways the Olympics Exemplify Success for Small Business Owners.  In the comments of Reid’s post, Anita Campbell has some terrific words about West Des Moines, Iowa’s very own Shawn Johnson.  Johnson definitely made us all proud with her amazing attitude … Continue Reading

Midwest Entrepreneur and Small Business Conference Coming Soon

I will be speaking at the Midwest Entrepreneur and Small Business Conference scheduled for September 12 & 13 at the Jordan Creek Marriott in West Des Moines. I encourage you to check out the preliminary presenters’ list for this first of its kind conference in our community.  Hope you will consider attending.… Continue Reading

Blawg Review #172 a Winner in My Book

The Ohio Employer’s Law Blog earns a gold medal with its Olympic-themed Blawg Review #172.  Jon Hyman’s review has some great blog posts from lawyers across the country,  both in and outside of employment law.  Be sure to read it. Thanks to Jon for including my post on the real reason the Packers traded Brett Favre.    … Continue Reading