It’s no April Fool’s joke, the Iowa Secretary of State corporate biennial reports are due today, April 1, 2008.  If you have not filed your report be sure to do so today.  In Iowa, limited liability companies are also required to file the report.  If you file online the cost is $30.00 for the filing

I have often stressed the need for business people to follow corporate formalities and keep their corporations or limited liability companies up-to-date.  However, the recent decision impacting builders from the Iowa Supreme Court makes it significantly more important for builders and other contractors to do so.

The Iowa Supreme Court ruling essentially says that builders must

On, West Des Moines accountant Joe Kristan shares a story about what happens when you try to take personal deductions for corporate expenses.

The moral of Joe’s story:

If you incorporate your business, run it like a business. The corporation pays the corporation’s bills, or your deduction vanishes.

Great advice indeed!

Where should you incorporate your Iowa small business?  This question is asked a lot by Iowa_picmany prospective small business owners.  The question used to be surprising but after seeing and hearing numerous advertisements for Delaware and Nevada corporations on the Internet and on satellite radio it is definitely a legitimate question.

Delaware has reputation and