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Unique Look at Multi-Unit Franchisees: Empire Builders

I recommend prospective franchisees take a look at Empire Builders which is a series of videos highlighting successful multi-unit franchisees.  Most of the prospective franchisees that come to see me are seeking to purchase a single franchise. Many of them dream of becoming a multi-unit owners but usually lack the capital (at least initially) to … Continue Reading

Is a Franchise a Safe Investment?

Potential franchisees should read this article from Robert Purvin on Franchising Myth One: Franchises are Safe Investments. In the article, Purvin discusses how franchises and independent businesses fail at roughly the same rate (something discussed at length in several of my blog posts). It’s critical that prospective franchisees understand that buying a franchise will not … Continue Reading

Lesson # 5 From Hard Luck Franchisees: Restrictions on the Products and Services Sold

 The Classic Battle A group of franchisees file a lawsuit contending the franchisor forces them to buy products and/or services at inflated prices while setting retail prices so low the franchisees cannot profit. The lawsuit also alleges that the franchisor omits or misrepresents key facts about its business operations when selling the franchise. The franchisor, of … Continue Reading

Don’t Keep Your Corporate Name a Secret

Gavin Craig in his new Twin Cities Business Litigation Blog has an excellent post on the importance of making sure the world knows you have a corporate entity.  Craig is convinced that many small business owners (especially contractors) do not know how to properly operate a corporation or LLC. Craig says, When a person incorporates their business, it takes more … Continue Reading

Working in a Franchise Before Buying Doesn’t Make You a Chicken!

Nothing like a good article on franchising to bring me out of a blogging hiatus that I anticipated would last at least another week.  But thanks to the Small Business Trends site and franchise consultant Joel Libava, my rest is over. The Franchise King posted on a Central Ohio restaurant franchise called Roosters that seeks experienced franchise operators rather than … Continue Reading

Majority of Franchisors Just Get You Into Business

All Business has a decent article describing the ten key provisions of a franchise agreement.  However, I do take issue with the comment in Section 1 that "most franchisors offer ongoing support including administrative and technical support." As I discussed in my last post on franchising, it is my experience that "most" franchisors DO NOT … Continue Reading

What will the Franchisor Do for You?

While discussing a franchise case recently an attorney working with me observed that the franchisor really didn’t agree to do anything for the franchisee in its franchise agreement. Unfortunately most franchisees are under the mistaken belief that franchisors will provide all kinds of support.  When it doesn’t happen and the business relationship has fallen apart, the … Continue Reading

SBA and FranNet Team Up to Offer Online Training for Franchising

The Small Business Administration (SBA) and FranNet have teamed up to offer an online training course for those interested in franchising. The free online course on franchise basics provides three key sections that examine more than 10 essential areas relating to franchising, including Whether Franchising Right for You and How to Choose the Right Franchise. The … Continue Reading

Iowa Franchisors Picking Up Steam?

Iowa has never been the hot bed for franchisors but it seems as though some Iowa franchisors are really picking up steam.  According to the Des Moines Register this morning Chocolaterie Stam stores have expanded to Ames, Chapel Hill N.C., and Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.  Upcoming stores including Minneapolis and Steamboat Springs (that would be my personal … Continue Reading

Franchising in the Iowa Small Business Zone

Doug Mitchell interviews Steve Reese who is the owner of Fitness Together franchise in Clive, Iowa in his first podcast of the Iowa Small Business Zone.  Listen and you will find that Steve is an enthusiastic proponent of franchising.   I was also impressed with Steve’s impression of the potential benefits of blogging from someone who is new to … Continue Reading

Should You Hire a Franchise Broker?

I ran across this informative article on whether you should hire a franchise broker to purchase a franchise via the Indiana Civil & Business Lawyer Blog.  The article discusses how the Internet has changed the way people find a franchise.  With all the information available on the Internet it has produced "information overload" for prospective franchisees.  The … Continue Reading

Looking for a Franchise? Be Sure to “Pick” the Right Resources

As regular readers of this blog know, I am engaged in a never ending search for blogs that present franchise opportunities in a fair and objective manner.  All too often franchise related sites are merely promotional pieces.  FranchisePick is a site worth checking out.  Yes, there are some promotional pieces on the site.  But franchise marketing veteran, Sean … Continue Reading

Fundamentals of Franchising: Franchisee’s Perspective

This past week I had the opportunity to attend the ABA’s Forum on Franchising.  What a great event!  First and foremost, it was an opportunity to network with some of the best franchise lawyers in America.   Second, I really enjoyed hanging out with fellow Iowa franchise lawyers, Matt Krigbaum of Cedar Rapids and David Bright of … Continue Reading

Is Licensing a Viable Option Rather Than Franchising?

Congratulations to What’s For Dinner – Des Moines and its owners, Dawn Angus and Kristen Severs for their feature article in the Des Moines Business Record.  The success of their meal assembly business has brought multiple inquiries from would be entrepreneurs who are wondering whether they offer franchises opportunities for their business.  The thought of expanding beyond the … Continue Reading

Information for Franchisees

In the never ending search for objective franchise information  I discovered Blue MauMau.  The site is a franchisee community designed to share insight, comments and stories about buying and running a franchise. A few of recent blog entries worth reading are: 9 Riskiest Franchise Industries; Can You Profit as a Franchise Pioneer; A Franchisee’s Warning About … Continue Reading