Employers have an obligation to prevent sexual and other forms of harassment in the workplace.  Unfortunately some employers are under the mistaken belief that their sexual harassment policy adequately covers them.  Here are some common mistakes I have noticed while conducting employment compliance reviews:

  • The written policy against harassment doesn’t include an anti-retaliation provision for those employees who

Pennsylvania employment lawyer Michael Moore has an excellent post on Five Things Every HR Generalist Should Know about Retaliation Claims.  Michael notes that the number of retaliation claims rose 18% in 2007 to a record high, doubling since 1992.  His post covers the following areas:

  • What is unlawful retaliation?
  • What is "Adverse Action" by

The New York Knicks sexual harassment case provides some great lessons on employment law.  Previously I touched on the Knicks case in explaining how companies could avoid sexual harassment claims.  Now the case has been settled and there are additional lessons to learn.

Frank Steinberg of the New Jersey Employment Law Blog explains the

A federal court jury in New York says Isiah Thomas and the New York Knicks are liable for the sexual harassment of a former female executive.  The jury found the former employee was subjected to unwanted sexual advances and verbal insults.  A retaliation claim also was alleged.  While Isiah Thomas still maintains his innocence and vows