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Iowa Creativity Summit March 1st at Drake University

Lawyers are not immediately recognized as the most creative souls on the planet but some of the best lawyers I know definitely have the the creative spark. I have seen many who were classic doodlers, photographers and painters. Some of them were also the most creative in the courtroom and ultimately very successful in winning cases. That’s why I am … Continue Reading

Three Iowa Supreme Court Justices Ousted

In a historic vote last night, three Iowa Supreme Court justices were ousted as a result of a controversial decision made by the court last year in Varnum v. Brien.  The Iowa Supreme Court unanimously upheld that the statute defining marriage only as a union between a man and a woman violated the equal protection clause in the Iowa … Continue Reading

Courthouse Floods are Real in Iowa

Throughout the country critics complain that courthouses are flooded with lawsuits.  In Iowa our courthouses are flooded – literally. Be sure to check out these AMAZING aerial photos of the flooding in Cedar Rapids, Iowa  including the local courthouse.  Cedar Rapids even has its own version of Alacatraz (better known as the Linn County Jail). After 1993, I … Continue Reading

Deadline for Filing Iowa Civil Rights Complaint Extended

Glad to see my friend Mark Landa blogging over on the Iowa Law Blog.  Mark has an important reminder that the time for filing a civil rights complaint under Iowa law will be extended from 180 days to 300 days in order to conform to the federal timeline. Iowa employment lawyer Victoria Herring points out on … Continue Reading

Where to Incorporate?

Indiana civil and business lawyer Sam Hasler recently expressed his view that the place to incorporate your business is generally in your home state. I agree with Sam.  Delaware or Nevada may offer viable options for some companies but in general most Iowa small businesses are probably wise to incorporate here in Iowa.  First, Iowa … Continue Reading

Iowa’s Legislature to Target Employers: Again?

This past January I posted on an Iowa immigration bill that targeted employers.  The bill sparked significant debate but was not passed. Now in the wake of the raid at the AgriProcessors slaughterhouse and packing plant in Postville, Iowa, Iowa’s legislative leaders are renewing promises to target employers. This time legislative leaders will introduce legislation to … Continue Reading

Rush Nigut Appearing on Iowa Business Hour with Jim Goodman

Tonight I will be appearing on the Iowa Business Hour with Jim Goodman from 7:00-8:00 p.m. on 98.3 WOW-FM.  I follow a long line of distinguished guests on the program including the incomparable Brett Trout.  If you don’t have anything else to do take a listen tonight.… Continue Reading

Iowa LLC Law has Key Changes

In his new blog, Marc Ward of the Dickinson Law Firm, sets out some key changes to the new Iowa LLC Act.  One important issue to remember is that by default under the current law, Iowa LLCs are member managed unless unless the articles of organization or the operating agreement provides for management by manager(s).  Under … Continue Reading

Electronic Workplace: Dangers & Pitfalls

Today I will present at the Central Iowa SHRM monthly meeting located at Copper Creek Golf Course on electronic workplace issues. The electronic workplace is all around us. Computers, voice mail, internet, intranet, e-mail, fax machines, laptops, PDAs, videoconferencing, social media, blogs and more are common features in the American workplace. The development of the … Continue Reading

Iowa Small Business Financing & Assistance Program

A new program from the non-profit Iowa Foundation for Microenterprise and Community Vitality (IFMCV), will provide a statewide mechanism for Iowa’s microentrepreneurs to connect with community development agencies for assistance. Among the groups spearheading the effort are the Greater Des Moines Community Foundation and the Community Vitality Center (CVC), a policy analysis center based at … Continue Reading

Iowa Secretary of State Corporate Biennial Reports Due Today

It’s no April Fool’s joke, the Iowa Secretary of State corporate biennial reports are due today, April 1, 2008.  If you have not filed your report be sure to do so today.  In Iowa, limited liability companies are also required to file the report.  If you file online the cost is $30.00 for the filing … Continue Reading

Iowa: Two out of Three Ain’t Bad

Forbes Magazine ranks Des Moines as the fourth best metro nationally for business and careers.  Iowa City ranked second in the smaller metro category. Unfortunately for Iowa we also apparently rank first in the nation for corporate tax rates (and I don’t mean in a good way). But the tie breaker is that we are cool.  We … Continue Reading

Rush Nigut Joins Brick Gentry, P.C. Law Firm

Today is my last day with the Sullivan & Ward law firm.  This coming Monday I am taking a hop, skip and a jump over to the law firm of Brick Gentry, P.C. in West Des Moines, Iowa.  This is actually almost literally true as the Brick Gentry law firm is located across the parking lot just to the west of … Continue Reading

Builders Must Be Careful to Keep Corporate Entities Up-to-Date

I have often stressed the need for business people to follow corporate formalities and keep their corporations or limited liability companies up-to-date.  However, the recent decision impacting builders from the Iowa Supreme Court makes it significantly more important for builders and other contractors to do so. The Iowa Supreme Court ruling essentially says that builders must provide … Continue Reading

Iowa Supreme Court Decision a Crushing Blow to Builders

My friend and law partner Matt Gardner has an excellent summary on Sullivan & Ward’s Iowa Law Blog about the crushing blow handed down to home builders this past Friday by the Iowa Supreme Court.  The ruling holds builders responsible to subsequent owners for defective conditions.  The old law was caveat emptor or "buyer beware".  The Court … Continue Reading

Iowa Immigration Bill Targets Employers

Under a new Iowa immigration bill, employers that repeatedly employ illegal aliens would face civil penalties of up to $10,000 and up to a year in jail under legislation being proposed in the legislature.  Employers would be exempt from penalties if they seek verification of a worker’s citizenship status through the Department of Homeland Security’s … Continue Reading

Renew Rural Iowa Business Development Seminar

The Iowa Farm Bureau is sponsoring a business development seminar on February 7, 2008 at the Iowa Farm Bureau Auditorium in West Des Moines, Iowa.  (I didn’t see a start time on the Web site but for further information you should contact 1-800-254-9670). The Renew Rural Iowa is an Iowa Farm Bureau program that combines an … Continue Reading