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Employee Wage Misclassification Should Be Taken Seriously

Last December I wrote about how an employee wage misclassification case cost Oracle $35 million. The question about whether an employee is exempt v. non-exempt is often misunderstood by employers. Often, employers want to avoid paying overtime to employees.  So employers will play a game of Russian roulette by paying those workers a salary instead … Continue Reading

Wal-Mart Tagged with $6.5 million Wage and Hour Claim

Liz Overton recently discussed the latest blow suffered by Wal-Mart on wage and hour claims over on the Iowa Law Blog. I predict It’s only a matter of time before wage and hour class action claims impact more mid-sized and smaller companies.  It’s the one area where plaintiff’s attorneys are experiencing success.    Read also my previous post … Continue Reading

Wage and Hour Class Actions are Booming

I’ve said it before (and also here) but it bears repeating that wage and hour class actions are booming.  Just this past week Iowa’s Casey’s General Stores was hit with a wage and hour lawsuit with allegedly more than $5 million at stake.  If that isn’t enough to convince you to examine whether your company has vulnerabilities … Continue Reading

Think Twice Before Deducting From Employee’s Last Paycheck

Charlie Longbrief, attorney at law, had just turned off his computer late on a Friday afternoon when the phone rang.  It was Pete Geek who owned a local computer consulting service. "Charlie, I’ve got a problem," Pete said. "Tell me about it," Charlie said. "Well, I had to fire one of my sales people earlier … Continue Reading