Last December I wrote about how an employee wage misclassification case cost Oracle $35 million. The question about whether an employee is exempt v. non-exempt is often misunderstood by employers. Often, employers want to avoid paying overtime to employees.  So employers will play a game of Russian roulette by paying those workers a salary instead

Liz Overton recently discussed the latest blow suffered by Wal-Mart on wage and hour claims over on the Iowa Law Blog.

I predict It’s only a matter of time before wage and hour class action claims impact more mid-sized and smaller companies.  It’s the one area where plaintiff’s attorneys are experiencing success.   

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Dollar_sign Charlie Longbrief, attorney at law, had just turned off his computer late on a Friday afternoon when the phone rang.  It was Pete Geek who owned a local computer consulting service.

"Charlie, I’ve got a problem," Pete said.

"Tell me about it," Charlie said.

"Well, I had to fire one of my sales people earlier