When you go to court you are putting your fate into the hands of twelve people who weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty. – Comedian Norm Crosby

The jury in the Iowa consumer class action case against Microsoft has been picked. (Of course, these jurors should be commended for their service and the joke above is not intended to reflect upon them in any way.  These jurors are making a sacrifice and I admire anyone who makes such a commitment to upholding our system of justice).  The jury consists of seven men and five women.  In a typical Iowa state civil court case you would normally only have eight jurors.  Several of the jurors have apparently purchased Microsoft products which makes them eligible to receive damages in the event the jury decides against Microsoft.  I seriously doubt that will be much of a factor.

Opening statements are expected to begin November 30th.  I’ll continue to keep readers posted as the case moves forward.  It should be an intriguing but lengthy trial. (You gotta feel for those jurors).  It is expected that both Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer will testify live in the case. 

The Plaintiffs are asking for over $300 million in damages.  The Des Moines Register also reported that both sides have hired PR firms to handle the publicity in the case.  I will enjoy seeing how that plays out giving the number of blogs that will likely cover this trial. 

So tell me your opinion?  How do you feel about this case?