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Today’s Lawyers Must Be Mindful of Social Media and Pretrial Publicity

Des Moines attorney Charles Kenville has a great post on the need for lawyers to be mindful of the new media exposure in their cases.  Chuck has a criminal law bent to his post but his reminder is just as true for civil cases. I know from experience that savvy businesses are acutely aware of … Continue Reading

Claims Deadline in Microsoft-Iowa Case Fast Approaching

The deadline for filing claims in the Microsoft Iowa Class Action Settlement is December 14, 2007.  If you have any questions about how to file a claim be sure to email the claims administrator at For a recap of articles on the Microsoft Iowa case click here which includes one of my most popular blog posts … Continue Reading

Microsoft-Iowa Class Action Settlement Hearing

It’s been a long time since I have written about the Microsoft-Iowa case but the hearing for final approval of the $179.95 million settlement is this Friday, August 31.  The settlement received preliminary approval from Judge Rosenberg back in April and I anticipate the judge will grant final approval of the settlement. Class members are … Continue Reading

Iowa-Microsoft Settlement Receives Preliminary Approval

Judge Rosenberg gave preliminary approval today of a $179.95 million dollar settlement in the Iowa consumer class action against Microsoft.  Unlike other settlements across the country, Microsoft has agreed to pay cash to consumers as opposed to vouchers for future purchases of software.  As I predicted, the settlement is substantial and actually in line with … Continue Reading

Forbes Includes Rush on Business in Article on Microsoft Settlement opinion writer Daniel Lyons sure doesn’t think much of the settlement between the Iowa Plaintiffs and Microsoft in an article in which he links to Rush on Business.  His quote: "I’m sorry, but I can’t work up any outrage over having to pay $100 for the student edition of Office.  And though I’m not … Continue Reading

Iowa Microsoft Case Settles

The Iowa consumer class action case against Microsoft has settled.  Check out Des Moines patent lawyer Brett Trout’s blog post for details.  I’ll post more on the settlement at a later date.  Details of the settlement are confidential and will be announced this spring after court approval. I’ll bet there are some happy jurors on … Continue Reading

Microsoft Renews Attacks Against Conlin

Microsoft has renewed its attacks against Roxanne Conlin in the Iowa consumer class action case.  This time Microsoft wants the right to question the named plaintiffs about their connections to Conlin before the lawsuit.  Apparently Microsoft believes Conlin recruited these plaintiffs to file the lawsuit.  According to the Des Moines Register, Conlin acknowledges she was … Continue Reading

Iowa Microsoft Public Records On Web

The Plaintiffs have now set up a Web site to post the public records in the Iowa consumer class action against Microsoft.  Just go to  The site currently has transcripts available.  Exhibits and further information will be available later this week.  A permanent Web site is expected to be set up during the week … Continue Reading

Iowa Microsoft Trial Resumes

The Iowa consumer class action against Microsoft resumed this week with testimony from the first live witness in the trial, Ronald Alepin.  Alepin is a computer consultant and a technology advisor with MOFO in San Francisco.  Groklaw has some interesting information about Alepin and his past dealings with Microsoft. Alepin has been called to describe … Continue Reading

Microsoft Iowa Case: Evidence Begins

The opening statements have ended in the Iowa consumer class action against Microsoft.  The Plaintiffs’ side of the evidence began on Friday with the Plaintiffs playing a video taped deposition of Bill Gates from 1998.  The deposition was taken during the government case against Microsoft back in the 90s.  Sources have said Gates was "evasive" and … Continue Reading

On the Seventh Day She Rested: Microsoft Begins Opening in Iowa Case

The Plaintiffs, represented by Roxanne Conlin, finally ended the longest opening statement in Iowa trial history (I am joking but I believe it to be true) in the consumer class action case against Microsoft.  Microsoft’s lead trial attorney, David Tulchin of Sullivan & Cromwell said he felt like he had waited a long time to … Continue Reading

Iowa Microsoft Case Update: Plaintiffs Continue Opening

The Plaintiff continued with their sixth day of opening statements as the week ended.  Roxanne Conlin is expected to turn over the opening to her co-counsel soon for a discussion regarding damages.  According to reliable sources, Microsoft does not plan on taking nearly as long to lay out their side of the case. It is … Continue Reading

Iowa Microsoft Case Update: Plaintiffs Flip-Flop Trial Strategy

Plaintiffs’ attorney Roxanne Conlin has decided not to call Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer in her case-in-chief, contrary to her earlier strategy.  Conlin reconsidered her position after Judge Rosenberg ruled that Microsoft could question Gates and Ballmer directly after Conlin rather than waiting until Microsoft presented its side of the case.  Instead, Conlin will now … Continue Reading

Iowa Microsoft Opening Statements: Plaintiff Outlines Nine Stories

The Iowa consumer class action case against Microsoft has officially begun.  Roxanne Conlin began her opening statements Friday.  Her case will include nine separate stories about how Microsoft has undercut competitors and acted illegally.  She will focus not only on IBM and Linux but also lesser known companies such as Go Computers and Acer Co.  … Continue Reading

Iowa-Microsoft Opening Statements Delayed

The opening statements in the Iowa Mircosoft litigation were delayed today.  Pre-trial instructions took hours.  Check out Brett Trout’s blog.  He sat in on the trial today. Here is something to keep in mind.  If opening statements are tomorrow, I’ll bet that Roxanne Conlin takes all the day and more to give her opening.  The … Continue Reading

Opening Statements In Iowa Microsoft Trial

Opening statements in the Iowa consumer class action case against Microsoft begin November 30, 2006.  Several readers each day have been hitting this blog reading posts relating to the case.  To make it easier for readers I have added a Microsoft Iowa Litigation category on the right side of the blog.  This should make it … Continue Reading

Iowa Consumer Case Against Microsoft Begins Tomorrow

The Iowa consumer class action case against Microsoft begins tomorrow, November 13, 2006.  It is anticipated it may take weeks to pick the jury and the trial itself could take several months.  The jurors will be expected to complete a 31-page survey before the questions even begin.  Surveys are often used by Plaintiffs’ attorney, Roxanne … Continue Reading

Judge’s Throws Out Loss of Innovation Theory in Microsoft Case

In pre-trial rulings, Polk County District Court Judge Scott Rosenberg has thrown out the "loss of innovation" damage claim alleged against Microsoft .  Plaintiffs’ counsel, Roxanne Conlin, had alleged that Microsoft’s market dominance prevented other software companies from developing products that competed with Microsoft’s web browser Internet Explorer and other Microsoft products. The Judge sided … Continue Reading

Judge Delivers Another Blow to Microsoft in Iowa Consumer Case

Judge Scott Rosenberg delivered yet another blow to Microsoft in the Iowa consumer case when he refused to limit the size of the Iowa class-action lawsuit.  Microsoft had argued the interests of volume buyers were not the same as consumers who made individual purchases.  Microsoft also argued that the plaintiffs could not show "that all … Continue Reading

Conlin Allowed to Try Microsoft Case

Here is an update to the ongoing Iowa consumer case against Microsoft: Polk County, Iowa District Court Judge Scott Rosenberg has ruled that Roxanne Conlin is allowed to try the case against Microsoft.  Microsoft had filed a motion attempting to exclude Conlin on the basis that she had engaged in misconduct when she persuaded a … Continue Reading