In this month’s ABA Journal there is a story on 50 Ways to Market Your Practice.  I read it once.  Then again.  And just to be sure I read it one more time – this time a little more carefully.

But sure enough blogging was not included in the Top 50 Tips to market your law practice.  Honestly after reading the article I almost felt like Marty McFly in Back to the Future.  Take Tip #46:

46.  Write an e-mail newsletter about your practice area and send it to other lawyers.  Archive the newsletters online.

Sadly, that was the closest that we came to the concept of a blog. 

Now don’t get me wrong, many of the ideas are terrific.  In fact, I follow many of the tips outlined.  But so many of the Top 50 Tips are enhanced by blogging.  For example Tip #5:

5.  Offer to write an article for your local paper on a topic such as why everyone should have a will or questions to ask a contractor.  Make sure the byline includes the name of your firm and, if possible, your e-mail address. 

Sure, that might work.  But since I started blogging the media has actually reached out to me and begun to quote my material or asked me to provide quotes for their articles.  I know other blogging lawyers have had the same experiences.  It is amazing how blogging can enable you to take incredible leaps and become recognized as an expert with local AND national media.

Now blogging is probably not for every lawyer.  It takes time and commitment.  But I have found nothing – including all of the Top 50 Tips published in the ABA article – that has made a bigger impact on my ability to generate new business.  Let’s add blogging as Tip #51.  What do you say?

 Photo on flickr by genesis3000.